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Consider this Hadeeth of the prophet (SAWS): The Prophet (saws) said:


Whenever you make a supplication for another believer and he is not present, an angel will say ‘and same to you.’

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Let Hundreds Pray For You !


Dear brothers and sisters: Trials, tribulations and challenges are part of every person’s life. However, to counter that, Allah has provided us a very powerful tool – and that is the tool of du’a or asking
Allah for help and his mercy when we need it.
And we need it all the time…. Equally importantly, we forget at times that Allah has also provided us the opportunity to dramatically increase the effectiveness of our own Dua’s by encouraging us to make dua’s for other brothers and sisters in
Consider this Hadith by the Prophet (saws):

“The supplication that gets the quickest answer is the one made by one Muslim for another in his absence.”

…… Reported by Abu Daw’ud and Tirmidhi

This site provides you that opportunity – You can enter a Dua (Supplication) below (anonymously) and hundreds who visit this site can make that dua for you! Basically, you are letting hundreds of other people make that Dua for you to Allah on your behalf.


If Allah accepts the Dua of even ONE person who can make that Dua for you, your wishes can be granted.


One of the Dua that has higher chances of being is the Dua of a Muslim for his brother without the latter’s knowledge.

Think of the many people who can make dua for you and the many angels’ duas you can get by making dua for others.

So, you should do the following three steps:

  1. Enter your Dua (Supplication to Allah) below. Enter anything you desire from Allah directly. You do not have to enter your name. You can use an alias or an abbreviation. Others who see your dua below can make a dua to Allah for you. The more make the dua for you, the more the chances of your Dua being accepted.
  2. You should make a Dua for all others who have entered their dua below. You will not only increase the chances of their dua being heard BUT you will also have angels making a dua for you (see hadith above)
  3. Send the Web address of this site to as many as you can. Remember, there is nothing to lose. The more people can make dua for you (the one you enter below), the more chances of your dua (supplication) being heard by Allah.

And your Lord said: “Invoke Me, (i.e. believe in My Oneness (and ask Me for anything) I will respond to your (invocation)…………..” (Quran: 40: 60)


The Prophet (saws) has said in a
Hadith narrated by Abu Huraira: Make Dua and be assured of being answered, and know that Allah does not answer a Dua from a careless heart which is not concentrating. Source: Tirmidhi in article by Abdul Malik Mujahid, 31 doas to choose from


…it is mustahabb for you to ask Allaah for what you need by name, using whatever simple words and phrases Allaah enables you to say.

It is very important that you NOT just rely on others to make a Du’a for you. You must ALWAYS ask Allah for yourself and ask Him directly when praying and at other times prescribed in the Sunnah.

Remember! When you enter your dua in the box at the end of this page, please request your brothers and sisters to make that Dua for you and above all DO NOT FORGET to make a dua for everyone who has entered their issues and challenges below. JazakumAllah Khairan !

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “The slave will receive a response so long as his dua does not involve sin or severing of family ties, and so long as he is not hasty.” It was said, “What does being hasty mean?” He said: “When he says, ‘I made dua and I made dua, and I have not seen any response,’ and he gets frustrated and stops making dua.” Narrated by al-Bukahari, 6340; Muslim, 2735.

It was narrated that Faddalah ibn ‘Ubayd said: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) heard a man making dua after his prayer, but he did not send blessings upon the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “This man is in a hurry.” Then he called him and said to him or to someone else: “When any one of you has finished praying (and makes dua), let him start by praising Allah, then let him send blessings upon the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), then after that let him ask for whatever he wants.” Al-Albani said: it is a saheeh hadeeth. (See: Saheeh Sunan al-Tirmidhi, 2765.


Enter Your Dua Anonymously Now (below) !

Let Hundreds Pray For You

Please don’t forget make a short Dua for ALL Needy Muslims in general in the Facebook Comment box below before making a Dua for yourself.

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23,760 Responses to “Make a Dua to Allah!”

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  1. 23760
    parveen Says:

    Salaam alaykum sis..Allaah is Ar Rahman….thankyou dearly for your kind duas, most appreciative and all goodness is from Allaah..the true giver..and may Allaah give you much better in return.. The genuinty sincerity was felt Masha Allaah,thankyou greatly..and this im sure i speak from both my friend and i…the duas that you made for the couple left me speechless..because if duas can be helped..they should contain such depths..that one our wish is accepted but in a way that is merciful also..especially when we havnt yet fallen to such oppression…may Allaah reward you with all that is good and to all the brothers and sisters….and what you shared for the sister about the truth of companionship..pleased me greatly
    …as you have understood from a very deep place…our marriage is about two people comforting one another..if Allaah wish children for them Alhumdulilah and if not that too is Allaahs domain..and there are many options now adays if two partners truly love one another…they will have difficult as it is..its difficult for a woman as we nurturer’ shouldn’t make it any more difficult for her to panick that of she doesn’t produce he should then leave…this is cultural poisoning and we Muslims need to have much more ampathy..and you r also right that many who have taken on a blessing to look after another child as they same way they would thier own..have been blessed with having thier own…may we come out from the dark ages…now adays what is right has become wrong and what is wrong has become sister in sha Allaah pray for all the marriages, that Allah produces a new race of men..that can support and direct in the most beautiful way thier women..back to showing her her worth lies with Allaah…

  2. 23759
    Muslima Says:

    Ya Allah first I would like to say Jazakallah Khayran for allowing me to wake up this morning and work two jobs to continue to live the lifestyle that I live. I have to say I am blessed thanks to your kindness. I love you so much Allah you are the creator of everything. Allah I love you so much my one wish is to please not allow me to be lead astray I love you Allah and I do not want to be as one of the ignorant. Ya Allah please protect me from the hellfire. Ya Allah please protect my family from the hell fire and grant them Jennah. Ya Allah on this earth please allow me to not mess up my contditinal dissimsial I promise I will not do what I did again. Ya Allah I am working on the one thing we discussed still but please do not allow that to ruin my condtional dissimsal I love you so much allah. yA Allah If I am supposed to marry him please allow him to become Muslim so what we do can be halal Oh Allah if he does not become muslim I will not marry him I refuse to marry a non muslim man. Ya Allah please allow me to one day either be a director of a daycare or school or own my own daycare center please do not allow the degree I got to be in vain. Oh Allah please help me as you know what path is best for me. Ya Allah please stop letting me hear those thoughts I love you so much please help me I love you so much thank you so much for everything you do for me

  3. 23758
    shaik Says:

    Plz brothers and sisters its my humble request dnt avoid my request i need your help your one blessings an prayer can change my life I blive in Almighty GOD Aallah plz prayer for me My name is magbul am 50yrs I amlot of parallelis plzz its humble request for all my brother and sisters may god also bless me allah save me my life

  4. 23757
    vimala Says:

    Plz brothers and sisters its my humble request dnt avoid my request i need your help your one blessings an prayer can change my life I blive in Almighty GOD Aallah plz prayer for me My name is vimala george am 30yrs I am in love wit a guy we both loved each other an I never cheated him ever I always did wht he liked but not in a wrong he also respected me alot in evrythg we were also about to marry but now from few months he his avoiding me when I askd him he always tell he busy in his weekoff also which makes me feel unease bcz of him left sm proposal am in love wit him soon much DAT I CNT think about any other guy an he his from Bangalore and I am form Mumbai his Name is Abraham David we both belongs to same religion plzz its humble request for all my brother and sisters may god also bless your family and your married life Amen

  5. 23756
    firdos shaikh Says:

    My name is Firdos Shaikh. My wife name Asma Shaikh. We just got married two months before. Some one has done black magic on us. My wife has gone to her moms house and not coming back. She’s asking to separate for no reasons.

    I love my wife very much. Pls pray for us. Allaah is great

  6. 23755
    mirka Says:

    Dear brothers and sisters,
    A zina conducting couple is about to buy the house next door. Please pray that they won’t be able to buy that house, hat the deal won’t happen. I fear for my families peace. Please pray that a decent family moves in, a family we are content with. Please for the sake of Allah pray for this. May Allah reward you for this.May he grant you every wish you bear in your heart. For the sake of Allah please pray for this, please.

    May Allah grant you with paradise in the hereafter and love, ease, success, financial stability, health or whatever you desire. thank you!

  7. 23754
    mirka Says:

    Dear brother Mohamed,

    when I read your:

    “Please pray for us and make strong duas for us. We are stagnated in our own house for so many years, blocked from leaving the house or the country, a country that we very much don’t belong.”

    I got goosebumps because the same is happening to me for years. Dear brother, I will pray for you and please pray for yourself too. Insallah you will be more patient than me and see success. brother, whenever you can, repeat Allah’s name “al fettah” – the opener and inshallah all doors of barakah and ease will be opened for you and your family. you will insallah find a way out of stagnation and leave to wherever you want. dear brother, “all fettah” is such a strong name of Allah, it is so powerful. during my education I saw it’s benefits and they were close to a miracle. Allah has given us powerful tools, why not using them? the beautiful names of allah will inshallah change your life for the better. please let us know about your situation and be sure, our prayers are with you and your family.

  8. 23753
    mirka Says:

    dear sister in desperate need,

    may Allah ease your affairs. how cruel your husband is. may Allah soften his heart. dearest sister, I will also pray that Allah will strengthen his weak iman.
    Allah tells us in the noble quran tells us:

    To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth; He creates what he wills. He gives to whom He wills female [children], and He gives to whom He wills males. (42:49)


    Or He makes them [both] males and females, and He renders whom He wills barren. Indeed, He is Knowing and Competent.(42:50)

    having no children may be due to a medical condition and that is not shameful. however how easily do men assume, that it’s the woman’s “fault”.

    Dear sister, as muslims we are oblieged to help ourselves in all halal ways possible. so our first duty is to seek medical advice and treatment. during this period you should pray the dua of prophet Zecharia:

    At that, Zechariah called upon his Lord, saying, “My Lord, grant me from Yourself a good offspring. Indeed, You are the Hearer of supplication.” (3:38)

    this is a beautiful and very powerful dua.

    concering love between spouses. Some say that surah al anfal would increase the love between spouses:

    And brought together their hearts. If you had spent all that is in the earth, you could not have brought their hearts together; but Allah brought them together. Indeed, He is Exalted in Might and Wise. (8:63).

    asking Allah to save a marriage is always a good thing to ask.
    dear sister, do not despair. Allah will open a way for you, because your husband is wrong and what he does is beyond cruel. if he loses his patience with you after 1,5 years, he hardly will ever succeed in anything. there were couples who searched all ways to have chidren, in vitro fertilisation included and they failed. they adopted children and years later despite of having lost all hopes the wife got pregnant. marriage is not just about “give birth to my children!”. sure, children are important but first and foremost husband and wife were created to comfort each other, to protect each other, to give love and security to each other, because all this eases the burden of life and allow people to focus on Allah. for the sake of Allah, why did we muslims leave the quran and followed our egos? dear sister, pray to Allah. start your duas with Allah’s beautiful name “al-Wadud” – the loving one. may he place love into the heart of your husband and may he hold on to you forever. ameen.

  9. 23752
    Mohamed Says:

    Assalaamualaikum brothers and sisters. We are a family of few children under severe black magic influences for many years and not beeb able to break the spells and it is now getting really worse and dangerous. Please pray for us and make strong duas for us. We are stagnated in our own house for so many years, blocked from leaving the house or the country, a country that we very much don’t belong. This is the ultimatum please help us brothers and sisters. I am so weak now that I could hardly type this message. My mind is blocked. Jazakallah Khair. May ALLAH SWT kabul all the good wishes of you all, Insha Allah

  10. 23751
    muhammad Says:

    O Allah Most-Munificent
    May You please accept all dua’s posted on the website.

    May You please Forgive the muslims.ameen

    May You please guide my family members and those of my Akhi to Islam.ameen
    Truly You are al-Haadi

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