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Consider this Hadeeth of the prophet (SAWS): The Prophet (saws) said:


Whenever you make a supplication for another believer and he is not present, an angel will say ‘and same to you.’

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Let Hundreds Pray For You !


Dear brothers and sisters: Trials, tribulations and challenges are part of every person’s life. However, to counter that, Allah has provided us a very powerful tool – and that is the tool of du’a or asking
Allah for help and his mercy when we need it.
And we need it all the time…. Equally importantly, we forget at times that Allah has also provided us the opportunity to dramatically increase the effectiveness of our own Dua’s by encouraging us to make dua’s for other brothers and sisters in
Consider this Hadith by the Prophet (saws):

“The supplication that gets the quickest answer is the one made by one Muslim for another in his absence.”

…… Reported by Abu Daw’ud and Tirmidhi

This site provides you that opportunity – You can enter a Dua (Supplication) below (anonymously) and hundreds who visit this site can make that dua for you! Basically, you are letting hundreds of other people make that Dua for you to Allah on your behalf.


If Allah accepts the Dua of even ONE person who can make that Dua for you, your wishes can be granted.


One of the Dua that has higher chances of being is the Dua of a Muslim for his brother without the latter’s knowledge.

Think of the many people who can make dua for you and the many angels’ duas you can get by making dua for others.

So, you should do the following three steps:

  1. Enter your Dua (Supplication to Allah) below. Enter anything you desire from Allah directly. You do not have to enter your name. You can use an alias or an abbreviation. Others who see your dua below can make a dua to Allah for you. The more make the dua for you, the more the chances of your Dua being accepted.
  2. You should make a Dua for all others who have entered their dua below. You will not only increase the chances of their dua being heard BUT you will also have angels making a dua for you (see hadith above)
  3. Send the Web address of this site to as many as you can. Remember, there is nothing to lose. The more people can make dua for you (the one you enter below), the more chances of your dua (supplication) being heard by Allah.

And your Lord said: “Invoke Me, (i.e. believe in My Oneness (and ask Me for anything) I will respond to your (invocation)…………..” (Quran: 40: 60)


The Prophet (saws) has said in a
Hadith narrated by Abu Huraira: Make Dua and be assured of being answered, and know that Allah does not answer a Dua from a careless heart which is not concentrating. Source: Tirmidhi in article by Abdul Malik Mujahid, 31 doas to choose from


…it is mustahabb for you to ask Allaah for what you need by name, using whatever simple words and phrases Allaah enables you to say.

It is very important that you NOT just rely on others to make a Du’a for you. You must ALWAYS ask Allah for yourself and ask Him directly when praying and at other times prescribed in the Sunnah.

Remember! When you enter your dua in the box at the end of this page, please request your brothers and sisters to make that Dua for you and above all DO NOT FORGET to make a dua for everyone who has entered their issues and challenges below. JazakumAllah Khairan !

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “The slave will receive a response so long as his dua does not involve sin or severing of family ties, and so long as he is not hasty.” It was said, “What does being hasty mean?” He said: “When he says, ‘I made dua and I made dua, and I have not seen any response,’ and he gets frustrated and stops making dua.” Narrated by al-Bukahari, 6340; Muslim, 2735.

It was narrated that Faddalah ibn ‘Ubayd said: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) heard a man making dua after his prayer, but he did not send blessings upon the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “This man is in a hurry.” Then he called him and said to him or to someone else: “When any one of you has finished praying (and makes dua), let him start by praising Allah, then let him send blessings upon the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), then after that let him ask for whatever he wants.” Al-Albani said: it is a saheeh hadeeth. (See: Saheeh Sunan al-Tirmidhi, 2765.


Enter Your Dua Anonymously Now (below) !

Let Hundreds Pray For You

Please don’t forget make a short Dua for ALL Needy Muslims in general in the Facebook Comment box below before making a Dua for yourself.

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23,038 Responses to “Make a Dua to Allah!”

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  1. 23038
    Farhana Says:

    I am a student and i am planning to take MCAT (medical school admission test), so I can get into medical school. But my English section is really bad, not getting enough number on my practice exams. Please pray for me to allah with me, so Allah can fulfill mine and my parent’s wish. Allah please help me… and give me a chance to treat ill people… I am asking for everybody’s dua and blessings.

  2. 23037
    Priya Says:

    Allah please guide me the right way. Should I move with my two children to Indianapolis so that I can pursue engineering degree? Or I should live in Bloomington so that I may study
    Something else at IU and my daughter can continue her piano study??? Please let me know which path is the right one for the goodness of all. Please show me which choice should be made in the next few weeks.
    Allah please bless Emma and Maxim with great success in violin study. Especially Maxim, because he will have an important audition for The Academy. He needs great luck and great performance so that he can get most scholarship. In that way, it will help him greatly in confidence and achievement. Also it will definitely help the family in finance.

  3. 23036
    Silsla Says:

    My mother has turned against me because if my sister in law. Parents are the only people that I thought if could rely on. I have learnt you are born alone and you go through life alone and you die alone. I have never in my life felt so lonely! Allah please help and wake my parents up. I am innocent please please please make them see what my sister in law is doing to the family. Please do it quickly before all is ruined please save me from evil nasty people. My inlaws doing black magic all the time. Please protect me my husband and children. We all love each other and won’t be able to live without each other. Please don’t let anyone split us up. I make dua the most deepest from my clean heart. Please help me x

  4. 23035
    mustafa Says:

    Salam alaikum brothers n sisters, may Allah grants all Ur Duaas…
    Please make dua for me that Allah swt by the usilla of nabiji guides Deepika n she becomes good Muslim and marries me. May Allah keep the gair people including sateesh k Putha , kiran and the new guy away from her. Ya Allah create Amiracle in my life……!.
    please let her call me n say sorry.I will In ShaAllah pray for all of u…,,—…….

  5. 23034
    Punnu Says:

    @ dearest ayesha
    I replied with my email id but it showed the comment is under moderation since it shows up as link. Its more than 24 hours and still not displayed.
    So im writing as to get it viewed in words..
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    May allah keep mercy on all of us. Please grant all duas. Please.

  6. 23033
    g Says:

    Ya allah plz forgive me my sins and plzzzz let me find a job before the end of this month plz so I can get my life togheter amiiin

  7. 23032
    ams Says:

    Ya allah Raham please forgive me but can you pls make ind miss me and call me on his own and can you please make ind stop all this crazyNess and can you pls make my brother and his wife have a kid finally they been throw a lot and weren’t able to have a kid but now I want them to have a kid and a family of there own and worried pls make them have a kid they real will be good parents pls ameen ameen ameen ameen

  8. 23031
    ams Says:

    Ya allah Raham please forgive me is it real wrong of me to wish someone did wrong to me happy birthday may god bless him he did so wrong to me after all that I still let it go why allah what is real wrong with me allah that I always let thing and give people chance it’s starting to annoy me about his thing about skinny women if your not attractive your not nothing I can force you to be with me when being in shape is your main thing then why did he pick me in the first place I am tried after all this allah I feel like i am asking for way too much thats why I am keep on failing always I give up I wish I was gone then alive the world is way to selfish and crazy for me to live in i cant take being in a world when love and care and support means nothing to no one PLease forgive me and help me

  9. 23030
    ams Says:

    Ya allah Raham please forgive me and give me a chance allah pls make ind love me and miss me and want to be with me for me and be apart of my life and make ind be apart of my life for me and want to true say i want to marry you will you marry me pls and make ind want be my and forgive me and not annoyed me real be more closer to me more then I am to him make ind want to see me real badly in person on Skype me not have the time to see him again pls allah Raham is it wrong of me

  10. 23029
    Salman Says:

    I seek refuge with Allah swt from the accursed satan. I begin in the name of Allah swt the most gracious the most merciful, May peace,blessings and salutations be upon my beloved Prophet Muhammad saw his family and his companions Ameen. Ya Allah my true savior please forgive me please accept me, if I have done anything wrong or sins please forgive me Ya Allah,I feel down Ya Allah today I feel down I have your everything wisdom, knowledge and strength, I become unthankful to you even though I have these blessings and I say what have god given me, ????????. Oh Ya Rabbi I lack confidence and dealing with other people cuz everyone says I don’t have confidence I stuck at dealing with people, I m strong, talented and skilled and materialistically I have everything but I lack you in my life, I have no peace in heart it’s like my heart is filled with dark and it burns dark coals deep inside me. Ya Malik only you have the cure the Quran have the cure, please cure me from all bad influences evils and magic Ya Malik, I m sorry for every sins I did. I did stand up I did try to rid myself of Sins and shirk but I got lost I couldn’t find my way out of this. O Allah It was shaitaan that misled me I felled into his lures and traps. Please protect me from the lures of shaitaan ya Malik I still have faith in you I still believe that I can achieve my goals and I can so this please accept me ya Malik please forgive me. ????????. Please pray for me dear brothers and sisters.

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